The Art of Living Well with a Serious Illness

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care helps match treatments with patient goals, focusing on quality of life throughout the course of a serious illness.  A patient might use our services to understand how to strike a balance between the burdens and benefits of medical care, supporting decisions that seem right for that individual. We can also help establish comfort when it seems difficult to attain.  Patients often start working with palliative care while also undergoing cancer care, cardiac or intensive care, and hospice care.

Palliative medicine is the most recently recognized medical subspecialty in the USA.  Palliative medicine doctors and nurse-practitioners work as part of a team with social services, nurses, chaplains and other health care providers.

Palliative Care at Exeter Hospital

The palliative care team at Exeter Hospital is dedicated to addressing the complex physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs emerging during a serious illness.  We are committed to supporting you and the people you love, and we start by listening.

We approach each patient and family as whole and unique, considering issues of comfort, well-being, spirituality and dignity.  When family members are involved in care we are able to offer support and to be a resource.

Accomplished clinicians who have been pioneers, teachers and leaders are members of our palliative care team formed at Exeter Hospital in 2006, the year this specialty was recognized. Our team represents almost a hundred years of clinical experience, providing this care even before the formal establishment of the specialty.

Palliative care services are partially covered by most insurance plans and supported by Exeter Hospital and private donations from the community we serve.

Services for Patients and Loved Ones

  • Specialized management of symptoms like pain and shortness of breath
  • Care coordination between your primary care physician, the specialists and other caregivers who are serving you
  • Spiritual Care offers support and guidance in areas of meaning and purpose in times of change, with special attention to keeping you in contact with your own clergy
  • 24/7 phone availability to patients and their clinicians
  • Crisis prevention and management
  • Social Services to help with practical problems with insurance and care options
  • Support for loved ones facing bereavement


Palliative Care Brochure


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