Our orthopedic and sports outpatient rehabilitation clinic is a state of the art facility that offers rehab with an expertise and focus on the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, post operative conditions, spine care and sports injuries.  Our clinic is conveniently located inside the Seacoast United Sports Club in Hampton.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is not just for athletes. We provide specialized therapy for anyone who wants to resume daily activities quickly and safely following an injury to muscles, bones, or joints.

For weekend warriors, "industrial athletes," and competitive athletes with orthopedic injuries, our programs ensure fast, proper healing, and help prevent re-injury.

Orthopedic rehabilitation specialists and Certified Athletic Trainers provide services to schools, fitness clubs, and sporting events to help active people stay that way.

For more information about rehabilitation services call 603-580-6668.

Below is a list of our service specialties:

Biomechanical Assessment of the Athlete

Sports Specific Training - Athletic Performance Center