Phase I

While recovering in the hospital from a heart attack, patients and their families receive education about the heart disease, risk factors, and methods to manage it. Low-level activities are performed with rehab specialists on an individual basis if necessary. A consult with a registered dietician provides nutritional counseling about heart-healthy eating habits and food choices.

Phase II

This out-patient program, which is covered by most medical insurance plans, begins shortly after hospital discharge with a duration of four to twelve weeks. Individual exercise programs are designed to improve cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and endurance. Conducted at Exeter Hospital, Inc., these classes are supervised by a cardiac nurse and a clinical exercise specialist.

Comprehensive educational lectures are conducted during each session to provide participants and their families with information and support in the long-term management of cardiovascular disease.

Phase III - Cardiac Wellness

Cardiac Wellness located at the Center for Orthopedics and Movement is an out-patient program that focuses on physical fitness and wellness through exercise in a supervised setting for up to six months. Exercise sessions are held at Exeter Hospital, Inc., or at the Center for Orthopedics and Movement for more advanced cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. The sessions are supervised by a cardiac nurse and a clinical exercise specialist. Emphasis is placed on continued education/support for long-term compliance to cardiovascular disease and risk factor management.

For more information about Cardiac Rehabilitation at Exeter Hospital, Inc., call (603) 580-6149.