Patient Portal


Exeter Hospital's Patient Portal

The Exeter Hospital Patient Portal gives you the flexibility to access your health information on your time and between visits to Exeter Hospital.  The Portal is available over the internet, which means that you can use it from virtually anywhere.

As a patient of Exeter Hospital, enrolling in the patient portal will allow you to access the following:
  • Patient Health Summary
  • Allergies
  • Laboratory and Radiology Results
  • Medication List
  • Demographic Information
  • Visit History
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Account Balance


Core Patient Portal NEXTGEN®

Your online service to Core Physicians patient portal that provides you with a fast, reliable, easy to use method of communicating with your physician's office anytime it's convenient for you.

The portal will allow you to connect with your doctor's office through a safe and secure method to:
  • Request or book doctor's appointments
  • Email your doctor's office
  • Manage and request your medications
  • Care for your entire family


Exeter Hospital's Patient Portal Areas

View your allergies / conditions, results, a medication list, reports and your visit history.  View, download, print or transmit a copy of your summary record for your next provider of care after a hospital stay.


View your medication list of as of your last ER or inpatient visit to Exeter Hospital.  Contact your primary care, follow-up physician or retail pharmacy with questions related to this list.


View your future and / or pending appointments at Exeter Hospital.  Request your annual (symptom-free) mammography exam.  Click on an individual appointment for further details.


View your current statement for which you are responsible.  Click to "Show all Accounts" link to see all accounts and balances.


View your personal information here.  Modify any outdated information with the  "Update Profile" button.  Your request will be reviewed and filed by Exeter Hospital, then you will see them updated on the screen.